Our facility is open between 10.00 - 23.00 hours. The Aquapark closes at 6 pm.

Swimming pools all have a necessity to use a bonnet. There is no obligation in the Aquapark section pools.


In the swimming pools, it is necessary for the 0-3 age group to enter the pool with the children's pool cloth.


Families are responsible for children under 12 years of age.


Physical disabilities, excessive pounds, neck, back, heart disorders and pregnancies, haşema, tshirt, etc. it is not appropriate for clothesmen to use slides in the park.


Please follow the instructions of the lifeguards and the rules written on the signs in the park. If you do not obey the rules, you can cause serious injuries that will harm yourself and other people.


Food, beverages and glassware are not included in the facility.


Adult slides need to be longer than 125 cm to accommodate our guests. At the beginning of each slice we have boys' schedules.


Do not keep keys and jewelery on the surface while swiming and swimming.


If you can not swim for your safety, please do not use closed and Olympic pools. (Depth 2.50)


The pools; bikinis, swimwear, haşema, slip swimwear, marine shorts is not allowed to enter any clothes.